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Brand-shaping graphic design, product development and print services, since 2006.

The design process is an evolving craft. Always changing, yet staying true to it's core concept.  I offer strategic graphic design, branding, websites and marketing tools, customized to fit your unique needs and growth plan.


About Awedore Studios

Created in 2006, Awedore Studios is a boutique graphic, print and web design studio based in Eugene, Oregon.  
My primary focus is brand development and strategic business growth through comprehensive and smart branding practices.  I place an enormous emphasis on great design, client service, communication and client independence upon the completion of brand development and execution.  My goal is to provide unique, multi-media, target-market driven, practical and dynamic designs for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals alike.

What is 'Awedore' Anyhow?

Awedore (pronounced uh-dohr) is an amalgamation of the words 'awe' and 'adore'.   It is my attempt to accurately define my true feelings about being a designer and living in a regular state of creation.   Speaking from my soul; I'd say that I am in 'awe' of the spark of inspiration and of the place from which it comes.  And I 'adore' the creative process and the opportunity to express creativity to achieve a specific vision, whether it is my own or the vision of a client.  So putting those two words together I came up with 'Awedore' and have happily embraced it's uniqueness and defining brand since.

My Journey

As a digital design/marketing grad, fine artist and interior designer, opening my own studio has been my destination since childhood.  Over the years, I have slowly directed my career path towards this goal; taking in every bit of business management (graphic, product, interior) design, and print production experience I could along the way.  Working in the design/product development and marketing world for the past dozen plus years, I've had the invaluable opportunity to hone and refine my design, project management, business, marketing and client communication skills. 

Both of my parents are entrepreneurs, so it seemed a natural and desirable goal for me as well.   I love the freedom to work in an industry that feeds my passion and creativity, and to be of true service to help others build their businesses, rather than just looking to bring home a pay check.  Being a business owner myself also helps me to walk in the shoes of my clients, to recognize the passions and concerns they have, and to help them successfully navigate the complex and ever-changing world of marketing and business growth as it is today.

In August of 2013, while still working as a full-time interior designer, I threw together my own 'official' brand and website with the aim of providing a uniquely personal and competitive design house for small businesses, so they could better compete in their marketplace without breaking the bank.  By the following March, my business had taken off faster than I could have ever hoped and I haven’t looked back.

I knew as a young child that art and design was my calling.  It's my bent in life.  Each day comes with more gratitude and joy with every opportunity to be in a state of creation.  My strategic, yet creative design practices and service to others model becomes the reward and builds and builds upon itself daily.

I often enjoy the convenience of city life, but I am planning to settle into a quiet little homestead in the country before long, where I intend to grow a lot of my own food, do my own pickling and canning, and maybe even have a few chickens and a goat.  And of course, where my art studio will expand to allow me more room for oversize print-making, and other artistic expressions.

I am a parent to one furry little monster, Auggie, who was adopted through Wiggly Tails Dog Rescue.  He has brought me joy and laughter from the moment he joined my little home in March of 2015.  On weekends, you can usually find us outdoors hiking and camping, spending time with friends and family, reading, creating art. playing in the studio, or cooking something new.  I'm currently embracing and exploring the wonderful world of Indian cuisine, and I think Thai food will be next.  : )

Life is such a blessing!  I can't wait to see what 2019 brings! 

Kellee_Awedore Studios_current pic 2016_2.jpg
Kellee (designer) and Auggie (muse) enjoying the Oregon Coast - Winter 2016.  Photos courtesy of Gypsy Gardner.

Kellee (designer) and Auggie (muse) enjoying the Oregon Coast - Winter 2016.
Photos courtesy of Gypsy Gardner.