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Brand-shaping graphic design, product development and print services, since 2006.

The design process is an evolving craft. Always changing, yet staying true to it's core concept.  I offer strategic graphic design, branding, websites and marketing tools, customized to fit your unique needs and growth plan.

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What's a Brand Anyway?

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A logo is a critical part for your brand.
But a logo alone does not make a brand.  So what does?

A successful brand includes a clear and intentional, cohesive thread with a signature story - your story.  That entire story and the qualities or elements of that story is what then guides your unique brand.   It all launches successfully from your story - which is then translated into a complete B.R.A.N.D. or Building Block, Relationship, Agreement, Nurture and Design = a successful brand package.

Those key elements can then be translated into a logo, color palette, tagline, product packaging, internet presence, marketing strategy, etc, etc, etc.  All the ingredients used together in unison, that form your visuals and message, are what translates into an identifiable brand for the public.   Which is more critical than ever before, because there are a lot of talented, service and passion-driven businesses out there.   So your goal is to define yourself and

Oh no, now things seem to be getting more complicated. . .
Ok.  So what's my story? you ask.  And how does that become my brand?  Where do I even start?

Well the best place to start writing your story is to recognize that people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.  So, start your story with - "I started this company because . . ."  And no the answer to that is never "I wanted to make money".  Yes, money my be your reward for running your business, but there should certainly be another aspect that brought you down this path in the first place. 

  • Was it to be in service to others?
  • Was it to improve a current model or circumstance?
  • Was it a family business that you are now proudly carrying forward?
  • Was it a person or community you wished to honor or build up?
  • Was it because you wanted to share your experience with the world, and inspire others?

Once you understand the root of what really drives you in your business or passion (perhaps a beloved hobby that's now evolving into a business?)  That's your story.  And that is the birth of a successful brand.  Write down your thoughts about each segment for your B.R.A.N.D. and see how that can help you move forward with fresh eyes and vision to set you apart.

I'll delve deeper into each of these key elements in future posts.
This is just the beginning of a weekly blog series I will share in order to help others gain the knowledge, awareness and confidence to get out there and grow solidly in their story.

I'd LOVE to hear your story too!  Feel free to share with me below or shoot me an email.  I'm happy to hear from you and look forward to your insights and shared successes. 
We're all in this together - so let's team up and grow, grow, grow!